Christmas Time

Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas everyone. I hope everyone is doing well this season. I’ve added some new illustrations, sketches, and commercial work to my gallery. I’m beginning to plan for the next year and my travels.

Home from Travels

How has everyone been? My summer has been crazy, traveling to many conventions around. I finally have a break in the vagabond lifestyle to get to work on some projects. I set aside a night to also spruce the site up a little. Adding new artwork and gathering together things for the future. Trying not to let my ideas sit on the back burner forever.

A New Year Approaches

As the new year looms, closer I want to have an up-to-date web portfolio I can be proud of. I have WordPress running on my server here and good to go. With a streamline system finally in place, I intend to keep this place updated a little more frequently then in the past. I’ll slowly be adding more work over the next few days. The bulk of my art can also be found on my Deviantart or Blogger.